DJ Hectic - Hard To Swallow Records - 718 Records - East Music Group

Philadelphias own Hectic has been a powerful force in Americas underground dance music scene for the past 10 years. His relentless passion for the music has made him one of the countrys most complete and diverse producer/DJ.

1994: Inside of a dump truck storage facility at the garbage dump in Green-Point Queens, NYC is where Hectic got his first taste of the East Coast Underground. The East Coast rave scene of the mid-nineties was ruled by street legends and run on the strength of the underworld. Its sound was raw, unique and as urban as the culture that spawned it. A tower of speakers and a glimpse of the future was all that it took to change the course of Hectics life and the dance music scene in America forever. 12 years later DJ Hectic has made himself a Philly legend.

Hectics professional DJ career started in Philadelphia in 1996 when he was signed by Philadelphias largest promotion company. Hectic became a performer at the east coasts largest and most memorable events in East Coast history: More Monkey Business, Techno Nation, Sympty, Whistle, April Fools 2 and Park Raves New Year Madness are most notable. Since the prodigal age of 20, Hectic has been performing along side with some of the worlds most talented djs that include: Frankie Bones, Chris Liberator, Dave Clarke, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Mike Dearborn, T-1000, Commander Tom and DJ Scot Project. One of Robs dreams came true when he joined forces with Frankie Bones and CircuitBeaker to create Hard to Swallow Records + Filmworks in July of 2000. Hectic has 3 releases to date and several under the alias The Cantini Bros. and Far beyond Intelligence. Hectic has been rockin dance floors across America for over 10 years now and NO ONE has been able to stop his meteoric rise in a very competitive DJ industry.